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Generative AI for Film Scripting and Storyboarding

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Lead Product Designer


2 weeks


Research and design

Product type

Web based application

Overview: Filmathon, an initiative sponsored by Neom, is aiming to propel the growth of the filmmaking industry. Its goal is to stimulate the production and development of innovative technologies within the industry, spanning pre-production, production, and development stages through forward-thinking solutions.

Challenge: There’s currently no existing solutions that harness the power of AI technology to assist local talents, filmmakers, and producers in various aspects of their creative processes. This includes scriptwriting, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, and production planning, with a particular emphasis on local dialects.

Objective: Based on research, create an innovative solution that addresses one or more of the identified challenges, filling the existing gaps in the market, and deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) prototype.

Design Process

Lacking understanding in the creative process and what users need
  • What is the current user process 

  • What are the users pain points and needs?

  • What are the tools that exist in the market?

Dived into an intensive 4 days research sprint 
  • 4 users  interviews. 

  • Focused on creating a solution for  the pre production stage.

  • Mapped out a competitor and SWOT analysis.

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Alattas Studio - Interviews.jpg
User Interviews Takeaway
  • “When I’m brainstorming ideas, I’m all about using tools like Midjourney and Adobe to bring my ideas to life. Although, this can often be costly and time-consuming.”

  • “I need to translate my work into English to use tools that predict audience engagement. The accuracy is compromised as the predictions are based on English rather than the local dialect.”

  • “I’m not a painter and I don’t know how to draw. I like to use Pinterest for storyboarding to visualize and convey my ideas but it’s time consuming and often I can’t find what I’m looking for.” 

Alattas Studio - SWOT.jpg
SWOT Analysis Opportunities Takeaways
  • Expanding capabilities: Integrating new features like advanced animation styles, detailed environment creation,and intuitive character control could significantly enhance the app's value.

  • Reaching new audiences: Targeting specific demographics like aspiring filmmakers, educators, and marketing professionals can expand the app's user base.

  • Accessibility initiatives: Partnering with educational institutions or film industry organizations can further democratize the app and make it more accessible to diverse communities.

Design Process


Flooded with a multitude of insights and ideas
  • Understand key pain points, wants and needs.

  • Classify all insights gathered.

  • Strategize opportunities.

Dived into secondary research to form our product strategy and experience for the MVP
  • Created user journey map.

  • Prioritized target users pain points, wants, and needs.

  • Present the insights to the team.

Alattas Studio - Steps.jpg
Alattas Studio - User Journey.jpg
User Journey Takeaways
  • Users face challenges with character control and maintaining consistency.

  • Styling proves to be time-consuming, and users struggle to visualize their envisioned styles.

  • Storyboarding relies heavily on individual technical skills, making it difficult for many users to bring their concepts to life.

Alattas Studio - Frame 17.jpg
Key Takeaways

     Develop features that empower users, irrespective of their            skill levels, to:

  • Effortlessly create characters

  • Easily select styles

  • Expedite the storyboard creation process

Design Process

With just 10 days remaining before presenting our solution to the Filmathon juries, we needed to address key questions
  • Determine our visual design language.

  • Choose between developing a native app or a web-based app.

  • Identify the capabilities required for the next round to construct the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Once these decisions were made, we immediately initiated the design process
  • Established the visual design language.

  • Opted for a web-based solution.

  • Developed both the ideal state of the product and the MVP state separately, preparing to showcase them at the Filmathon and hackathon event.

Alattas Studio - Wireframe.jpg

Transform your ideas into visual adventures in no time.

Character Generation

Empowering users to swiftly craft characters for their films and storyboarding endeavors by inputting text descriptions or uploading sketches and photos.

Character Generation.png
Style Generation

Allowing creatives to effortlessly choose their preferred animation style from an extensive array of options within minutes. This encompasses 2D, 3D, sketch, claymation, cutout, puppet, pixilation, rotoscoping, and realism.

Style Generation.png
Video Generation

Streamlining the process for creatives to rapidly generate and visualize various scenes outlined in the script, enhancing the overall efficiency of the storytelling and filmmaking workflow.

Video Generation.png


Selected as one of the top 30 finalists out of a pool of 1,232 teams.
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