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Patient Room

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Artisight is a pioneer and leader in the healthcare AI sector. Their patient room application has been adopted by numerous top-ranking hospitals across the United States. The innovative product utilizes cutting-edge technologies to alleviate the workload of nurses, and improve patient satisfaction by automating manual documentation tasks and enabling nurses to remotely assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the care provided to their assigned patients.


Challenge and Objectives

The product has been affected by an engineer-driven culture, with features being added without prior evaluation of user flow and usability. Consequently, the product has grown excessively complex, lacked a smooth onboarding process, which has led to diminished user satisfaction. 


Moreover, In their pursuit of maintaining a leadership position in AI healthcare, the company sought to modernize their outdated design through a comprehensive rebranding effort.

Our primary objectives then became:

  • Redesign and Simplify: The goal was to revamp and streamline the product, ultimately boosting user satisfaction.

  • Migrate to a Design-Centric Culture: We aimed to usher in a transformation, shifting the company culture towards a more design-centric approach.

  • Rebranding: As a crucial part of our strategy, we pursued a rebranding initiative to rejuvenate our product's image and align it with our modern vision.


I've had the opportunity to work on a diverse set of projects, and I've played a pivotal role in various areas:

  • UX Audit: Through user research and usability testing, I've delved deep into understanding the user experience, and the resulting report is a comprehensive reflection of the audit's findings.

  • Design Operation Audit: A central challenge I've tackled was to establish design as the driving force behind all user-related decisions within my organization. This transformation impacted the entire product management cycle across multiple teams.

  • Design Thinking Workshop: I've facilitated workshops that embraced design thinking—a human-centered approach to problem-solving. These workshops emphasized empathy, ideation, information architecture, data collection, and prototyping as key tools in our creative process.

  • Rebranding: I've led efforts to rebrand products, breathing new life into their design and visual identity.

  • Design System: I was the sole designer who crafted the design system from scratch, and it's now implemented across all products and widely embraced by fellow designers, unifying the user experience and ensuring a consistent and user-friendly design language.

Simplicity for a complex product 

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The outcome of the project are truly remarkable

  • Patient Room is the leading source of revenue for the company 

  • Now, Artisight  is on its track to become a Design-Centric company that focuses on the user.

  • We successfully reduced nurse turnover from a concerning 25% to an impressive 8% at hospitals, reflecting a substantial improvement in employee retention.


  • Nurse satisfaction witnessed a remarkable transformation, surging from 31 to an astounding 98%, underlining the positive impact of our product on the nursing staff

  • A survey of 38/38 nurses revealed that they unanimously agreed: "This product improves the quality of care that I provide."


  • Productivity among the nursing team soared to 100%, as every one of the 38/38 participants confirmed: "This product improves my productivity."


  • An overwhelming 100% of 38/38 respondents expressed their willingness to recommend this product to a nursing colleague, signifying its positive reception within the nursing community.


  • The product's ease of use received a perfect score of 100%, affirming its user-friendly design.


  • The product's ability to enhance excellent patient care improved from 47% to an impressive 96%, as more nurses recognized its valuable contribution to patient care quality.

"Really really nice work. It is everything I hoped you would do for us when I first saw your portfolio. Totally worth the time investment." - CPO Chris Heddon

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