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I am a senior product designer and researcher. I enjoy designing inclusive, user-centric experiences that people love. I am enthusiastic about design systems, integrating art with technology, breaking new ground, and developing innovative solutions. During the past few years, I have worked for a variety of companies and startups, including the renowned Techstars accelerator, where I had the opportunity to work with several startups at various stages. 


My T-shaped profile and past experiences contribute to my approach to design. Each project I work on, from conceptualization to completion, is a unique opportunity to create both long-term and short-term solutions that deliver enhanced user experiences, functioning products, and meet business objectives. 


2020  Honor Society  Award, Computer System Institute

2020 Hackathon Award, STC

2019 Honorable Mention, the Artist Entrepreneur

2019 Positive Development, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2017 Innovative Solutions Publication,  School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2016 Merit Scholarship from, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Public speaking

2020 Storytelling with objects (remote)

2019 Makework 

Challenge, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2017 Truth. Climate. Now Symposium, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


2018 Shattered, the Antennae Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue #44

Hobbies and Personal Projects

I enjoy learning new skills and engaging in creative activities in my spare time, which helps me conceptualize the bigger picture and connect the dots when it comes to my professional responsibilities. My favorite pastime is playing with puzzles, disassembling and reassembling things, and discovering new ways to make things work better. 

Here are some of my hobbies and projects:

Shooting Star


I became interested in the science of harmony when I learned that music scales can be used to build harmonious typography. As I learned more about this topic, I composed my first piece of music, "Restless". To listen to the music, Click Here.  



In my free time, I enjoy dancing and exploring the body-mind connection. Recently, I found out that learning a new language while learning new dance choreography speeds up the learning process as they share the same brain area.


Shattered ( Data Visualization )

In 2016, I created "Shattered". An artwork that is dedicated to raising awareness for the displaced population worldwide due to conflicts and natural disasters. I used UNHCR 2016 data to visualize the data of their current location on the map. This project was published in the 44th issue of the Antenna Journal.



I make short animated films occasionally to explore different aspects of storytelling and visual communication. 

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